Materials & Services

The following materials are just a sample of our daily stocked items that we have available to the public and contractors alike

Jobsite Delivery

Precast Concrete Structures
Right of Way markers
Splash blocks
Parking Bumpers
Cast Iron Frames & Grates
Municipal Castings
Manhole Ring & Covers
All NCDOT drainage Castings
Ductile & Aluminum Castings
Deck & Trench Grating
Custom Driveway Drop Inlets
Meter Vaults
Hatch Covers
Pond Risers & Trash Racks
Valve Boxes
Downspout Boots
HDPE Plastic Drain Pipe
Reinforced Concrete Pipe
Corrugated Aluminum Pipe
Corrugated Aluminized Pipe
Bituminous Coated Pipe
Corrugated Galvanized Pipe
Pipe Elbows and Fittings
Flared End Sections
NCDOT Storm Drain Pipe
Silt Fence
Safety Fence
Stabilization Fabrics
Drainage Fabrics
GeoMembranes & GeoGrids
Sand Bags and Filter Bags
Landscape Fabrics
Grass Seeds & Fertilizers
Hardware Cloth
Paving Fabrics
Temporary Shoring Walls

Our materials meet all NCDOT requirements and we offer Custom Fabrications as well as Jobsite Delivery.

All of the Castings, Precast Concrete and Pipe that we provide are proudly MADE IN THE U.S.A.